Sunday, April 23, 2006

443 The HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

reminder for the fill in the blanks is still on!!!

Previously in Cyberjaya
the HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary proposal

the HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

everything goes as plan, we went to...

Victoria Station, usj taipan

nice place, nice food, good services definitely beats the $89 unite

Eunice ordered the fisherman plater

Hooikiang too, yerrr... dont order same la :P

Kalai ordered tiger paws, u animal killer dare to show peace sommore :(

animal lover like me ordered salad :P

our drinks, 4 bucks is not cheap ler... not to mention the orange juice is 6 bucks

our clan 1st Anniversary photo

not to mention the last clan photo featured

some unwanted birthday kelefe :P

some kelefe lenglui birthday and the crew sang a birthday song for her

happy birthday lenglui

photo with the train :)

another clan photo before we leave the place

they even prepared a phonebooth outside just incase superman stop by

Hooikiang inside the phonebooth who ended up kena locked inside by me, muahhahahahah

after the wonderful meal, we headed to midvalley for movie :)

we watched the wild, finally...

finally i watch the wild!!! now she cannot lansi me that they went to watch the wild without me jor :P

i know i know im 21 and old enough d... and watching the wild sounded kinda gay, but what would beat 9 indian grown ups went to watch the wild together and so happened to sat same row as us? that was godlikeee gayness =)) hopefully those guys didnt linked to this blog :P

before the movie we went to mcd for ice cream... its a downgrade since the last time we ate is haagendaz :(

oh ya if u guyz read Eunice's blog

her ice cream is the dirty-messy-ugly one :P

the wild is quite nice, definitely beats madagascar :P and they are kinda good in making these goats which pray koala as god which the koala prophecies that goats will become lion's prey... hmmm interesting

after the wonderful movie, we went to stevens corner to yumcha, this is the only photo taken...

Eunice and her party hat, roti tisu in stevens cornet

HaAgEnDaZ Clan Next 2 Proposals
1. celeb Eunice's bd in lunar bar
2. Uncle Lim visit trip on november coz someone havent hit 21 yet.

the plan is like every parent's plan... during day time 3 of us will teman him to themepark, let him enjoy the kiddie rides then at night we ask him to sleep early then we go visit Uncle Lim :))

stay tune for this week's ScReWdRiVeRz-PeHmAtEz Pity Peh 2


  1. so fun to lock me inside!!!!:(

  2. Wooo someone finally watched The Wild di hor??:)):)) *haha*

  3. Anonymous2:08 AM

    3 of u will teman me to themepark .. n drop me there :((

    nvm.. i can curi2 masuk :))

  4. haha... that time we sure tel the guards u havent 21 de :))


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