Friday, June 15, 2007

Low Cost Infrared Modem - momofofo Exclusives

Title: Low Cost Infrared Modem
Subject: EPT 4016 Mini Project
Date: Delta Trimester 1, 06/07

Introduction: This project introduces you to the design of a simple half-duplex infrared wireless Modem. The Modem will be connected to the serial port of a PC.

Result Files:

  • download report (pdf)

  • download slides (pdf)

  • download PCB (EWPrj)

  • download source (vb)

  • Authors: Wong, SY and Choo, TS
    Grade: A-

    supervised by: Sim, Wong and Ng

    *This post is intended to assist juniors only.

    708 Low Cost Infrared Modem, exclusively for momofofo on June 15th, 2007
    inspired by 504 that lecturer fella

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    1. erm..dude...can i knw u pcb layout...there were some error...unused pin was connected to copper...the used pins are ground and we edit it...cuz i cant print it out..


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