Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wireless Transceiver Design Part 1

paiseh, upload my fyp slides here 1st juz in case my thumbdrive wont work on presentation day. wish me good luck

BK Chung didn't screw me but my hardware couldn't work during the demo. I guess sometimes, it happens when everything goes too well, longpiak

download slides (pdf)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Momofofo is dead?

Still no new posts?

Take a look at the poll on your right, 50% out of ONLY 4 VOTERS said that "Momofofo is dead".

Okay, just to cheer u guys a little, I tell ya what happened 2 days ago. My housemates and I were playing Dota, all of us randomed. Yes, thats kinda lansi and guess what the opponents did?

All five of them picked combo heroes and we got owned like a bunch of pucking noobs, yes OMG... we were sooo need to write report for our clan chieftain.

Then as usual, after a game we will dc from blueserver and we are required to reconnect but we couldn't. So Alan rehearsed a few lines of pucking the operators before calling 100. Alan called and asked the operator to dc us from their server so that we could connect.

Operator: "Soli la encik, akaun anda kena suspend."
Alan: "Suspend??? MENGAPA KENA SUSPEND?"

Operator: "Encik tak bayar bill la."
while asking Zong that did he pay the bills

and Zong replied haven't, LOL
Alan back to the operator: "Saya tak dapat cari bill la, saya call back later."

and he never call back anymore, LOL

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