Saturday, August 16, 2008

Have I Told U Bout My Car?

me: tauke
me: have i told u bout my car?
Turtlez: yup
Turtlez: haha
Turtlez: rm500+
me: now got new story d
me: the toyota appointment was yday
me: i sent my car there at 8am
Turtlez: wah, update 1 liao
me: expecting it to be done by few hours
Turtlez: yday u no nid work one a?
me: go late nia lo
me: the dude told me it will take whole day or maybe monday only get car
me: i was like wtf
me: coz i made my appointment from the office
Turtlez: looool
me: the dude told me the office fella don't know anything that's y they won't say how long will it take
me: so fine, i left my car there
me: took cab to work
me: an hour later, he called
me: and said that its the rear bearing got prob not the front 2 bearings
Turtlez: done d?
Turtlez: huh?
me: and asked me who's the dude who told me b4
Turtlez: means last time u changed for nth?
me: i didn't change, need to make appointment to do 1
me: the appointment was yday
Turtlez: oo icic
me: so fine.. 1 rear sounded better than 2 front right
me: so i asked how much will it cost
Turtlez: rm700?
me: $911.20 for the rear bearing
Turtlez: omggggg
Turtlez: then?
me: i don't know why i didn't screw him
me: like no emotion
me: then i said i'll think bout it
me: then i tried to call hups
me: call and sms whole day also no reply
Turtlez: no answer?
me: i tot call won't work
Turtlez: yea
me: so i sms him, telling him bout his favourite toyota thingy
Turtlez: he sorta avoiding us again
me: also no reply
Turtlez: as vanila said, he has his ownlife now
Turtlez: which is sorta bloody weird
Turtlez: cuz dunno wat happened oso
me: no idea man... he likes toyota ma
Turtlez: yea, he's like toyota fanboy
me: so i tot send him an sms, briefly describe then he'll call back and talk shit lot of it
me: so it failed
Turtlez: that was the old hups
Turtlez: wud've worked during delta
me: then my dad asked me to bring it to the workshop i always service my car 1
Turtlez: up till itp la
me: the workshop is a eon authorised
Turtlez: ur car is not under warranty nemore rite?
me: but used to do volvo 1
me: 5 yrs d
Turtlez: icic
me: so they checked
Turtlez: then today brought there?
me: yup yup
me: done d
me: waiting for the guy to pick me up from here
Turtlez: wat they said?
me: its the rear
Turtlez: where r u now?
me: now in aunt's house
me: we know the guy 1 so got special service
me: haha
Turtlez: he will fetch u to the workshop?
Turtlez: yalo
Turtlez: so geng
Turtlez: send u back home summore
me: then he said 1 is bad, the other 1 not good also
Turtlez: so how much he charge then?
me: so he make a call to check the price
me: 500 per pc
me: with labor = 11xx
me: then i asked what brand is that
me: i meant 2 pc + labor = 11xx
Turtlez: yaya
me: the brand
me: he said 'original'
Turtlez: lol? means?
me: i not sure is it original or the brand is called 'original' la
Turtlez: ahaha.. shud b original la..
me: if its rili original, the extra 400 bucks i pay for umw
me: is for the smile, plasma tv, wifi, sofa and worker to serve me coffee
Turtlez: wah serve u the coffee a?
me: yes
Turtlez: no wonderle
me: the worker came and asked me do i want coffee
me: i think i gotta put this in my blog
Turtlez: but basically the umw guy checked ur car for free la?
me: yup
me: and earn 90% extra if i do it
Turtlez: n u oso drank their coffee and watched their plasma tv and sit their sofa for free la
me: kinda
Turtlez: haha
Turtlez: shud b 'paid for when u bought the car'
me: if its the exact same thing
me: they are worst than loan sharks man
Turtlez: ahaha
Turtlez: so u changed 2 rear d la?
me: yup
Turtlez: tsk tsk tsk
me: i asked her to pick me up
me: she said will call back til now no news man
me: hopefully my car is not half way to thailand
Turtlez: loool
Turtlez: good luck then
Turtlez: neway i wan go nap dulu keke
me: later our next trip to thailand... we saw my car in bangkok as taxi
Turtlez: haha
me: k la, night man
Turtlez: then u nid to carjack the taxi gta style d
Turtlez: like that kid who made gta get banned in thailand
me: lol
Turtlez: btw, our nasi kandar plan will haf to b postponed further
Turtlez: since end of this month we'll go in opposite directions lol
me: haha
me: maybe next time
Turtlez: yea
Turtlez: k la,
Turtlez: nap time
Turtlez: nite


  1. car maintenance cost a BOMB!!

    i know how you feel man, T.T

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