Sunday, May 29, 2005

130 The Quit

Date: May 28th, 2005 (Saturday)

quited selling backside liao

not easy thou... survived a miserable 4 weeks

and not to forget the day b4, after a sickening day with the mofo manager... went to AMA's house for dinner. then my unc left his 'chap cheng' (hybrid) dog in my ama's house. that stupid dog non stop jumping on me and bitten my hand, dogs r stupid... never see a smart one in my life... stupid dog. dem pissed wif the manager d... come back got pissed by the dog too... what a day

not getting cucuk in the backside anymore, yay yay :D

no more coverups, my actual job is telemarketing. so im suppose to make calls and make ppl to buy hotel memberships. everything thru fon, seriously sickening not to mention theres targets to hit. and a mofo manager. so tired everyday... i even dreamt bout telemarketing at nite, nightmare sial... dayz are even more slow motion compare to tankengteh's lecture, oh am af gee... quit liao, haha

my happy ending

Date: May 29th, 2005 (Sunday)

parents went to china for the how many times honeymoon, so left me n the siblings... we went to our usual sunday breakfast spot :) the agar road roti canai and 3 of us ate 11.50RM worth of roti canai + daging. later on we went to prangin for starwars :)
we reached there at 12pm, bought 1.30pm ticket. the prob now is how to spend one and a half hour in prangin mall... thats miserable i tel ya... we went for disc shopping, bought gremlins, my childhood favorite movie :) shud have bought the evil dead oso lol :)) walk here n ther... slack in popular... went to have a look in etech, a lame lowyat wannabe... have a look in senq

after that we decided to rot in mcd, then we met my bro's ex skoolmates... n guess what my bro is no diff then pehboi... a ffk~er. he ffk~ed my sis n me to watch house of wax wif them, the ScReWdRiVeR's movie haha. migod my bro is watchin elisha n paris b4 me, cis cis... and he watched wif CHICKEN-MARYLAND, lol


  1. btw me goin dota wif bro n frenz tmr :D
    hopefulli din kena buli by litta kids haha

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    hmm where is your usual sunday breakfast spot?...:)

  3. agar road or something

    turn right after the indian cinema

    the one next to ayub, only opens in the morning

  4. stevie o stevie~


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